Another great night of racing at Raceway Park, even with the colder temperatures. The track had its original IMCA divisions along with the mini sprints and a Power Puff race. The mini sprints were a little extra something for the end of the season and the Power Puff was some fun for everyone. Every racer in these races did great and were so much fun to watch.

In the Sport Compacts feature, Dillon Richards (24R) received first while Ramsey Meyer (21R) followed behind claiming second place. The final three of the top five were Shawn Hein (5H), Connor Brown (35JR), and Daniel Vanderveen (69V).

In the next division, Hobby Stocks, Andy Hoffman (8X) took first with Gage Koch (96) taking second. The rest of the car field was led by the rest of the top five: Steven Pierce (3P), Ryan Leedom (21L), and Jon Androy (83).

The Sport Mod feature was won by Rusty Montagne (T1). Following behind him was Jake Sachau (14X), Cody Thompson (25), Brian Osantowski (999), and Nicolas Peters (3).

Stockcars, the largest race of the night, was won by Ryan Harris (49). Following behind him was the rest of the 25 car field with the rest of the top five which was Chris Abelson (95X), Todd Gereau (94), Shawn Primerose (1), and Tom McKenzie (95).

Finally, for the Modifieds, the winner was Todd Boulware (14). Not far behind was Ricky Stephan (25), Jason Schneiders (44X), Shane Demey (15M), and Chad TenNaple (20) with the rest of the field behind.

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