The last few years have been nothing but a juggling act trying to keep up with all the bills. I have borrowed and put every dime I could scrape up into the track trying to keep it alive.

I guess my passion for Autoracing in Siouxland got in the way of good business.

This being said Golden racing is no longer affiliated with Raceway Park. Also, we do realize we still owe drivers their checks. We ask for your patience as we will be selling out and gathering as much money as we can in the next few months to make sure all drivers get paid.

I have been talking with Tom and Caryl Reed about the future of the track and they are interested in selling or leasing it.
We have been in contact with individuals that were interested in buying the track and all of my equipment.

We will keep everyone posted with the future of Raceway Park.
If anybody is interested in Raceway Park please contact Tom or Caryl.

Greg Golden