Sunday night, July 15th, saw the beginning of the second half of the season at Raceway Park and it was done so in major fashion with outright hard driving in all classes. Drivers were making major moves to get ahead of one another and start off the second half of the season on a strong foot. Professional Concrete was the evening sponsor and the drivers delivered.

Sport Compact heats were hotly contested with Ramsey Meyer, Don Tank, and Mark Dorcey taking the first heat in order and Danny Vanderveen, David Bates, and Auston Honeycutt doing likewise in the second.  This set up a feature that saw Ramsey Meyer and David Bates starting from the fifth row with Ramsey taking first and David ultimately coming home second ahead of Brian Long and Danny Vanderveen.  The key move of the night though was when Bates lined up for a caution flag restart in seventh and made an incredible move to the low side of turn 4 while all in front of him crowded the outside line out of turn 4.  By the time he made turn 1 he was in second behind Meyer and held on to the finish.

The first heat of the Hobby Stocks was one for the record books as Craig Clift won from his fourth place starting position but just about everyone had their fair shot at #1.  He was followed by Andy Hoffman and Mike Hanson.  The second heat was won by Lenny Tucker ahead of a hard charging Ben Schneiders and Derek Husted.  The third heat was won by last place starter Tony Fetterman, who made some major moves to get to the front, followed by David Miller and Kyle Davis.  The move of the night came in the Hobby Stock feature when the front two cars came together coming out of turn 2, slowing each other down the back straight.  This also slowed the 3rd and 4th place cars when Fetterman running a distant 5th came out of turn 2.  Seeing the mess in front of him, he took a high line down the back straight and came out of turn 4 in the lead, holding on to the finish.  2nd place went to David Miller and 3rd went to a very hard driving Andy Hoffman, who made his way from the back and midfield multiple times.

The Sport Mod heat race was won by 5th place starter Rusty Montagne who clipped AJ Boulware for the lead at the very end of the event.  Third was Aaron Plum.  Before intermission, the Sport Mods had a King of the Hill run which was won by Rusty Montagne on the very last round with Aaron Plum.  Both Boulware and Arie Schouten had won earlier rounds.  In the feature, Montagne took control early and had a tremendous duel with AJ Boulware until AJ got tied up in a four car pileup in turn 4.  That allowed Plum to come home 2nd and Boulware worked his way back to a 3rd place finish.

The first heat of Stock Cars was won by Ryan Harris followed closely by Travis Barker and Bo Lundquist.  The second heat was won by front row starter Tom McKenzie followed by Todd Gereau and Jason Ward.  The feature saw Gereau starting 6th, Barker 7th, and Ward 8th, which was the exact order they finished in, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, respectively.  The race was hotly contested as one would expect when the winners come from the midfield as they did here.

In the Modifieds, it was fast, it was loud, and it was nose to tail.  Bob Moore won the first heat followed by RJ Merchant and Terry Hurt.  The second heat was won by Jim Cole with Jim Thies and Ryan Jenkins rounding out the top three.  The feature was a monster drive with RJ Merchant and Jim Cole battling heavily for the lead with Bob Moor, Sean Barrigan, and Jim Thies all knocking at the door.  Cole gained control of the race and held off Moore for the win.  Moore finished 2nd followed by RJ Merchant, Sean Barragan, and Jim Thies, all of which you could have thrown a blanket over the entire group.  

Thanks to our sponsors, Professional Concrete, Cali McKee and Caydin Barker both took home brand new bicycles.  The McDonald’s Big Wheel was won by young Mr. Williams who took the lead coming out of turn 1 and successfully navigated lapped traffic to clinch the win.  He was proud and rightfully so.  Last but not least, Bob Coney is hosting a racing memorabilia sale happening this Saturday, the 21st, at 415 Omaha right next to the DQ on Hamilton from 10 am to 3pm.  Over 30 years of racing memorabilia will be for sale and all the proceeds are going to offset medical expenses of a loved one.  Good cause, check it out.


Thank you and remember, there is no better way to finish off a great weekend than at Raceway Park, the Action Track.

Complete results:

Sams Club IMCA Sport Compacts

1- 21R Ramsey Meyer

2- 13B David Bates

3- 96B Brian Long

4- 69V Danny Vanderveen

5- 1 Don Tank

6- 35X Conner Brown

7- 3A Auston Honeycutt

8- 44 Mark Dorcey

9- 14C Shyanne McCulley

10- 18S Raymond Jensen

11- 89 Tristan Ashlock

12- 6 Shawn Mcknelly

13- 21 Tom Meyer

M&T Motorsports IMCA Hobby Stocks

1- 7 Tony Fetterman

2- 34M David Miller 

3- 8X Andy Hoffman 

4- 01 Derek Husted

5- 5 Lenny Tucker

6- 27G Gavin Gilbertson

7- 6 Luke Jackson

8- 33 Kyle Davis 

9- 99 Dellas Williams

10- J58 Justin Shearn

11- 55M Mike Hanson

12- 01X Matt Baker

13- 34B Ben Schneiders 

14- 77 Craig Clift

15- 62 Allen Hesse

16- 2T Todd Caster

17- 27S Brody Spreng 

Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants IMCA Sport Mods

1- T1 Rusty Montagne 

2- 12 Aaron Plum

3- 14 AJ Boulware

4- 7CC Chris Demera

5- 33FM Scott Fuller

6- 77G Mike Grass

7- 99RE Arie Schouten

Casey’s General Store IMCA Stockcars 

1- 94 Todd Gereau

2- 30 Travis Barker

3- 41 Jason Ward

4- 19 Bo Lundquist

5- 95 Tom Mckenzie

6- 43 Aaron Cain

7- T17 Brenton Palmer

8- 49 Ryan Harris

9- 1 Brad Jones 

10- K69 Kadge Thomas 

11- 13 Glen Jones 

12- 55JR Greg Taylor

13- 95X Jeff Atkins

Total Motors IMCA Modified’s

1- 55 Jim Cole

2- 48 Bob Moore

3- 77 RJ Merchant

4- 88 Sean Barragan 

5- 23 Jim Thies 

6- 25 Ricky Stephans 

7- 02JR Chris Mills

8- 24T Terry Hunt

9- 6 Ryan Jenkins

10- 13H Travis Hatcher